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New iPimp website and online store!
February 14, 2005  |  General, iPimp

ELMAfilms is pleased to announce the Valentine’s Day launch of the iPimp website and iPimp online store!

Shooting this spring with a planned release in the Summer of 2005, iPimp will showcase new and exciting software which will marry the world’s oldest profession to today’s newest technology enabling the “pimp” in us all.

In conjunction with the release of iPimp, ELMAfilms will also be launching a companion iPimp website that will drill down deep into iPimp’s features, provide customer testimonials, product comparisons and much much more. A teaser page for the iPimp website is now available online at

But that’s not all. ELMAfilms has also launched a new iPimp store carrying a broad range of products in several snazzy styles and colors. Be sure to get your “bling bling” early and help us spread the buzz about iPimp.

In addition to the new iPimp store, we have added a number of new items to the ELMAfilms and Will stores and have brought them all under one roof at for your convenience. To access the ELMAfilms store… click on the stores link near the top of the page.


  1. Great Teaser Site! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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